Meet Lynette Kebirungi, Uganda’s 2nd female aerospace engineer. “I am not one of those people that made paper planes and knew what I wanted to do as a child. That answer for me changed a couple of times as I grew up. My decision-making point in life was after I finished my A’level.”

Lynette went to Kampala Parents School aka KPS before it went under new management. In her days, competition and punishment was the lifestyle of the young students, as she recalls. She smiles a bit when she remembers getting her fair share of punishment, but she excelled because she wanted to and not in fear of punishment.

She then went to Taibah College School. This is where she learned some of the key values she still holds on to dearly. She remembers the three Cs, Creativity, Critical thinking and Confidence that is still part of her mantra today.

Then, she went to Greenhill Academy for her A’level. She remembers “It was a very huge change from my TCS life but I adapted. I then took a year out and started a small magazine called K’Glam that I believe gave birth to online magazines in Uganda.”.

In addition to her academic studies, she learned there a lot about business and developed her work ethic here.

The following year, she went on to do a Foundation Certificate in Science and Engineering at Liverpool International College and lastly a BEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Liverpool.

Lynette loves mathematics and physics therefore, engineering was the only course that was going to give her a healthy portion of both.

When asked why she has chosen to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering, her answer was always the same; ‘I believe I know a little bit about every other form of engineering but know nothing about aerospace.’

Uganda, my home country has a very special place in her heart. She says: “My heart cries for the vast potential we carry but overlook each day simply because the system does not accommodate it. So, I have great plans for the aerospace industry and engineering as a whole in Uganda.”

She hopes to work with aero engines after this as they are her favorite branch of aerospace. “Then bring all my experience home to Uganda and empower others and the country as a whole. This is all of course if God allows it.”