Tech Girls

Tech Girls

You will help to make the dreams of talented girls become true.

With your help, we sponsor scholarships for college and university education so that they can explore careers in technology, medicine and business, and become pillars of their country’s economy.

With access to education, girls can achieve amazing things: they can launch businesses, become engineers and researchers, run schools, build factories and lead governments.

We are a charitable organization under European law (Tax ID: RSIN 858703555 – ANBI).

We will use your kind contribution to support our TechGirls initiative.

You can only deduct your donation from your income tax if you are a taxpayer in Europe or in the US.

We support talented young women

TechGirls helps talented young women afford tuition, room and board to study at a college or university in their home country.

Most commonly: you can make a donation – preferably a recurring one.

Of course, small amounts help, too: to buy textbooks, a bus ticket or a laptop computer.

BECOME A Sponsor

Does your company or team considered adding the topic of social impact to your branding and public image? Maybe you would consider supporting TechGirls, because it makes so much sense and has a direct impact.

Even small monthly donations or sponsoring really change the lives of our Tech Girls.

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