Dream Big

Our Mission

We support talented young women from less privileged backgrounds.

We help make their dreams come true. 

We sponsor scholarships for college and university education, so that they can explore careers in technology,  science and business, and become pillars of their countries’ economies.

To promote the loyalty towards their home countries and local communities, all recipients of our scholarship program will study at a local college or university.

With access to education, girls can achieve amazing things: they can launch businesses, become engineers and researchers, run schools, build factories and lead governments.

The Difference

Most other scholarship programs allow students to study abroad. This creates an irreversible issue: these young and bright people almost never come back to their countries of origin. They stay in western countries and just send money home to support their families.

We think differently. With our scholarships, TechGirls study at a national university or college, not abroad. We want them to stay. We want these young talents to take responsibilities for their own countries and to become a strong, loyal backbone of the economic and social future of their nations.

Martha’s Dream

We simply believe that education should not depend on what family you are born into. We support young, talented women in pursuing their dreams to study in the areas of science, engineering, technology, and tech-journalism.

We focus on girls in developing countries that otherwise would never be able to afford to study, and help to build a better future for them, their families and communities.

We want to see them climbing up the ladder and striving for greatness, so we don’t stop at scholarships and education support in the form of books, transportation, computers and meals.

With your backing, we also help with internships and the transition to tech jobs or entrepreneurial efforts after graduation.


Women are opportunity-seekers and risk-takers – attributes that are vital in inspiring them to become technology leaders and entrepreneurs. For instance, the entrepreneurial drive of African women is exceptional: it is often the backbone of economic growth, as well as a powerful engine of development and financial inclusion.

The software engineer and diversity advocate Tracy Chou asked a simple question: how many of the engineers that currently work for tech giants are women? The answer: 12%. And this is in the modern western hemisphere; that percentage is much lower in Africa and other countries in the third world.

However, we need more women role models to be champions in lifting up and inspiring other women to break the barriers into technology careers and entrepreneurship.

To us, one thing is clear: TechGirls will contribute to form the new female tech elite that ultimately transforms their countries and regions.

How we use your donation

As well as paying tuition, fees and other essentials, such as books and boarding, your kind donation helps beyond the college, supporting young graduates with the resources they need to become leaders in their communities.

Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of the TechGirls movement, a passionate community invested in a world where education creates a new future.

Our Heros

After becoming an Aeronautical Engineer, Lynette worked on the design of Localiser Ground Antennas. She also worked together with her member team on the design of an Unmanned Aerial System, designed to deliver goods to remote communities.

Lynette Kebirungi

Aerospace Engineer

Women are having a significant impact on the industry and in the tech community, making waves in the industry—and doing so with a lot of personality and flair.

Doreen studied Electrical Engineering at the Makerere University, Uganda. She worked first on the Kayoola, an electric solar bus. Now, she leads efforts as a researcher at the Centre for Research in Transportation Technologies (CRTT).

Doreen Orishaba

Electrical Engineer

Emily has been one of the first female application developers in East Africa hired by ThoughtWorks, a renowned global software firm based in
Chicago. She’s also worked on trade and logistics management software, and leads the Women Initiative Mozilla, an initiative to introduce more women to a technology career.

Emily Namugaanyi

Software Engineer

Your Donation Will Make A Difference


We help cover the costs for their education, so they can explore careers in technology, biology and business and become pillars of their country’s economy.

Your donation will allow us to provide them with what they need most.


With access to education, these young women can achieve amazing things: they can launch businesses, become engineers and doctors, run schools, build factories and lead governments.

Your contribution will help to pursue successful careers. 


Your contribution will make a direct difference in their lives women so that they can make a difference to their families and communities.

See them climbing up the ladder and striving for greatness.

Our Partners & Sponsors

We need your support because these young women deserve a chance.

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