Tech Girls

we give talented young women a chance


We believe that being smart, driven and talented should be the key criteria for starting a tech career and not that you have been born into a rich or poor family.

We support talented young women

Our TechGirls program sponsors young women in developing countries to pursue a career in technology or science.

TechGirls will change the lives of these talented smart girls, their families and communities; and will create the future female technology leadership elite of their countries.

TechGirls helps talented young women afford tuition, room and board to study at a college or university in their home country.


TechGirls is not charity

TechGirls is much more than a traditional scholarship program. We create opportunities to gain experience beyond academic education, specifically in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, TechGirls is not a charity program – it actually helps promoting talents and provides opportunities.


Women in developing countries are the pillars of their communities. They are used to taking risks and running most small businesses.

While in modern societies, women are still underrepresented in the technical professions – for instance only 20% of U.S. tech jobs are held by women, in developing countries, it is only 2-5%. In addition, we believe that women bring a skill set to the table which is different in many respects from the skill set of men and that adding diversity to organizations is a great asset.

Therefore, the core of the TechGirls program is to help our students enroll in a local college or university, assist them in developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, link them with companies for internships and project work, and secure funding for their studies.

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Does your company or team considered adding the topic of social impact to your branding and public image? Maybe you would consider supporting TechGirls, because it makes so much sense and has a direct impact.

Even small monthly donations or sponsoring really change the lives of our Tech Girls.

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